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COVID-19 Response


Temporary Closure: Returning June 10th!!!

I want to say Thank You!  If it weren't for some of my regular customers continuing to purchase massage gift cards and make donations I would not have been able to continue to pay my rent during this closure and purchase all of the new supplies I needed for my re-opening! 


As a self-employed sole practitioner of a business that was deemed non-essential these have been some very difficult times! So thank you so much, I am glad to know that I am valued and appreciated! 

What's Going to Change


   -Text me from their car, and wait until I say they can come in.

   - I will take your temperature with a no-touch thermometer to endure you do not have a 

     fever and do not appear to be sick, if you are wearing gloves you must remove them.

   - You will be required to wash your hands, sanitize them, and if you do not have a surgical or

      N-95 mask, I will provide you with one! MASKS ARE MANDATORY!

   -You will have additional paperwork to fill out- which I will explain to you over the phone in 

     advance, so there won't be any surprises! 


   - I will not be massaging the face at this time, and I will not be offering pregnancy massage.

   -You will wash your hands again before you leave, and I will tell you that if you get sick to 

     contact me right away so I can self-quarantine and inform other clients they may have 

     been exposed. If I do not hear from you, I will follow up with a phone call anyway after 2 

      weeks to see how you are doing. 


Clients who will be turned away:

1. If you knowingly had significant recent contact with someone who was confirmed to have COVID 19 and you have not yet been tested for it. 

2. If you have fever or cough.

3. If you are immune-compromised or have a serious health condition effecting the lungs or heart.

4. If you are none of the above---you will still be asked to sign a release of liability waiver stating you understand that safety is not guaranteed and you understand the risks of getting a massage during a health pandemic. 

5. If you are pregnant- sorry I am not offering pregnancy massage right now!

All clients will be asked health questions upon booking to pre-screen out high risk patients--

If you are 'high risk' but feel you need massage therapy for pain-management or for a specific reason, bring a doctor's note prescribing massage therapy treatment. I will be calling and confirming this information with your doctor, so you will need to give them permission to talk to me and be able to confirm it is okay for me to give you a massage. 

These are difficult times and while some procedures may seem excessive, these guidelines were created to ensure greater safety and reduced risk of exposure. 

Other Changes:

I have purchased new massage table covers, rewashed all sheets with COVID-19 fighting agents. and added a third layer- zipped up water-proof protector over the foam and heating pad that covers the table.

Sheets, blankets, soiled covers & my apron, will go straight from the dryer, to being folded and placed in a large zip-lock bag to keep them from possibly being contaminated before use---  

After use-- these items will be placed inside a large closed bag, inside of a large closed laundry basket to contain the soiled sheet, blanket, mattress cover. 

My hot towel cabby has UV light, but I will always be wiping it with clorox wipes and/or medical grade cleaning agents. 

I will be wearing a mask and a fresh clean apron during every massage. Since thorough hand washing (over 20 seconds) is enough to kill the virus, I will not always wear gloves and intend instead to practice good handwashing and sanitizing before touching any client.

I will be wiping down the clipboard and pens that clients use to fill out their intake forms between every single client with Clorox bleach wipes.

Between every client, I will clean all doorknobs, clothing hooks, chairs and other seating areas, as well as all of the surface areas in my office where someone may have set item/s down such as keys and their phone. with Medical-Grade multi-purpose cleaner that is effective in eliminating COVID-19 particles. 

I will clean the massage room floor often and vigorously. If a client needs to use the restroom, I will offer you a disinfectant spray or wipe for the seat---I highly recommend also using a toilet seat cover too! 

I have a HEPA air filter system to clean the air while in the massage treatment room with clients. Due to all of this additional cleaning I will now book 1 hour gap between clients to ensure I have sufficient time to take care of everything. Despite having an air filter system, I still would also like to be able to 'air out' the room sufficiently between clients too. 

Date of Re-opening: JUNE 10, 2020!