Exercise for your health

Did you know?

Disease prevention

Disease prevention


Did you know that physical inactivity is equivalent to smoking and obesity combined? Living a sedentary (inactive) lifestyle is extremely bad for your health! 

Disease prevention

Disease prevention

Disease prevention


Physical activity lowers your risk of: lung, colon and breast cancer, hip fractures, high blood pressure, coronary artery disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and metabolic syndrome.

Exercise Benefits

Disease prevention

How much exercise do we need?


Helps in weight loss, weight maintenance, prevention weight gain, prevent falls in older adults, improved mobility and health function: improved cognitive function, increased bone density, improved quality of sleep (poor REM sleep is linked to alzheimer's and dementia).

How much exercise do we need?

How much exercise do we need?

How much exercise do we need?


Adults should be exercising 150minutes of moderate-intense activity per week. So about 30 minutes per day/5 days per week OR 50 minutes per day/3 days per week.

(Source of content from this section: 'Advanced Fitness Assessment and Exercise Prescription,' Gibson, Ann; Wagner, Dale; Heyward, Vivian. Eighth Edition, 2019. Print.)

What kind of exercise?

How much exercise do we need?

But, I don't have the time!


Recommended: Aerobic (cardio) activity 5 days per week, in addition to muscle-strengthening activities at least 2 days per week. Also integrate stretching and balance exercises into your routine 3 days per week. 

Too much exercise- more than 2hrs day/6+ times per week-could put you at high risk for an injury! Too much exercise can have negative health effects as well. 

But, I don't have the time!

How much exercise do we need?

But, I don't have the time!


If you are new to exercise, start with small changes! You could commit to taking the stairs at work over the elevator, every time you wash your hands through out the day you could do 5 jumping jacks or squats, you could stretch at your desk. Start with small changed to add more physical activity into your day! Maybe after reading this you will decide to go for a long power-walk tonight after dinner?! or do some exercises at home while you watch TV rather than sit as usual. 

Resources within the community

Free Exercise Classes at CSU Stanislaus in Turlock, Ca. Dates/Times: TBA

Free Exercise Classes at CSU Stanislaus in Turlock, Ca. Dates/Times: TBA

Free Exercise Classes at CSU Stanislaus in Turlock, Ca. Dates/Times: TBA


3 Wins Fitness Stan State is run by a team of dedicated Kinesiology student volunteers.  Our students have spent years learning about the benefits of physical activity, and this program provides them the opportunity to apply what they have learned in the classroom to the real world.  

Following the 3 Wins Fitness mission, our goal is to provide a free, sustainable, and replicable exercise program for our community. 



GROUPON- reduced price exercise classes and activities

Free Exercise Classes at CSU Stanislaus in Turlock, Ca. Dates/Times: TBA

Free Exercise Classes at CSU Stanislaus in Turlock, Ca. Dates/Times: TBA


Groupon is a website where you can buy services and goods at extremely discounted prices! 

Groupon has martial arts classes, yoga classes, body transformation programs, boot camps, as well as fun activities you can do with your family, such as Paintball games, Laser tag, Ride rental bikes across the Golden Gate bridge, Walk all your steps for the day at the Exploratorium or Academy of Science in SF, Yosemite National Park Tour, Scavenger Challenges, Cavern/Cave walking tours and more!



Stepping On Fall Prevention Program

Free Exercise Classes at CSU Stanislaus in Turlock, Ca. Dates/Times: TBA

Stepping On Fall Prevention Program


Stepping On: Program for adults:

-Are age 60yrs+

-Have fallen in the past year, are at risk or have fear of falling again.

-Live independently

-Can walk without help of another person

-Do not have dementia

-Can attend weekly classes

Participants attend seven 2hrs sessions that include low-impact balance and strength exercises, as well as discussion on preventing falls.

Contact Sutter Memorial Hospital

Trauma Services:

 (209) 526-4500 Ext. 6316

Elevate Community Yoga

Elevate Community Yoga

Stepping On Fall Prevention Program


Free online yoga classes. 


There is no set price for the in person yoga classes, but they recommend a donation of $10, but if you can't afford it then pay less and just donate what you are able to. 

In person yoga studio location:

Elevate Community Yoga

899 W. Roseburg Ave.

Modesto, Ca 95350

(209) 380-0046

Local Gyms

Elevate Community Yoga

Local Gyms


Planet Fitness: $10/month for basic membership. Gym has decent amount of equipment. 

$20/month premium membership includes access to the gym equipment+ massage tables, massage chairs, tanning beds, and you can bring a free guest as much as you want to! A personal trainer is available at no cost- who walks around to help people. I believe you can schedule private time with them, just not consistently.


Many locations include indoor heated swimming pools, hot tubs, steam and sauna rooms, and have a vast amount of equipment to choose from (more than planet fitness). There are also classes you can walk in to at any time and try them out. 

Membership with autopay $25/month

or $40/two people. Daycare is available 8am-9pm. 

Racketball & ping pong available. Also they have personal trainers but you must pay extra.

Other options: Brenda Athletic Club, Get Fit Modesto, Fit Factory, Relentless Fitness, Orangetheory Fitness, Core Fitness, Fit Republic, Resident CrossFit, Transcend Fitness, Fire Body Fitness, Modesto Boxing Gym, Studio V Pilates, Venus Fitness Studio (Pole dance!)...m

Free parks, hiking, recreation:


Get the 'All Trails' App for your Phone!

The All Trails app has thousands of hiking trails, lakes, swimming holes, camping spots... all you have to do is type in the zip code or city where you want to go hike. People have uploaded tons of photos, and will tell you whether the trail is dog-friendly, how difficult it was (a lot of hills or more level, how many miles, etc...) there are maps and other information, you can use GPS thru the app to get to most places, but if you want to go somewhere really far off grid, you may not have phone service, so you'll need to write down the directions. 

Dry Creek Trail in Modesto:

In Modesto at Scenic, near Oakdale rd. they have tennis and  basketball courts, this is an easy level path, great for walking or bike riding, it is dog-friendly and I believe about 8 miles long, but we have never travelled the entire path before . There are a lot of dirt paths you can take to go down next to the creek if you like. Unlike Virginia Corridor trail, Dry Creek Trail never crosses through street traffic and is much bigger. 

Recommendations/ Favorite Places:

Pinecrest Lake (canoe/paddle boat rentals, dog-friendly, outdoor movie theater, camping, showers/bathrooms)

Sword Lake (very secluded- rare to ever see other people here, easy hike, natural gorgeous lake for swimming and overnight camping allowed)

Yosemite National Park

Muir Woods, Marin (beautiful redwoods)

Muir Beach (ocean is rocky- wear water shoes- what is cool is there is a small lagoon that is not rocky and it has warmer water for swimming)

Stinson Beach (free parking)

Blackie's Pasture (bike/walk path along the ocean with view of San Francisco across the bay, there are large open lawn spaces for athletic games & park equipment for kids, this place is dog-friendly)

Sunset, Sequoia Bayview, Cinderella, and Sinawik Loop (dog-friendly east bay hiking path)

Pacifica Beach (dog-friendly small beach, taco bell on the beach sells alcoholic beverages)

Poplar Beach, Half Moon Bay

Del Mar North Beach

Miramar Beach (there is a really great seafood restaurant by this beach, also called Miramar)

Monterey State Beach

Glass Beach, Fort Bragg (the beach is full of sea glass, pretty cool and while smooth, I would still recommend water shoes)


I will be uploading photos/videos of new places I check out.

(Right here...